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We all start somewhere…

Here goes with my first blog post! Wish me luck! This isn’t something I’ve tried before so forgive me if my blogging etiquette isn’t on point!

This blog is going to be about my personal experiences and attending different pole classes and Studio’s in the UK and other parts of the world 🌍

So lets start with my pole fitness history…. it all began on a drunken night out, a friend of mine was spinning herself round a (rather questionable) spinning pole in a  night club which was previously called Crystal in my hometown of Blackpool. I was in absolute awe of the things she was doing ( I now know them as fireman spin and front hook) and I just had to learn how to do what she was doing!
So the next morning feeling a little delicate I pulled my laptop onto my knee and headed straight to google for blackpool pole dancing, I can tell you now a lot of those sites you don’t want on your browsing history!

So after a few attempts, I came across ECN-Bodyworks, the website offered exactly what I was looking for, pole dancing for fitness. I emailed the owner and signed myself and two friends up for a beginners class. After one class I was hooked, my friends not so much, as we left the studio one vowed she would never attempt it again, the other promised to do another class with me but 5 years later I’m still waiting 😝

Skip forward 5 years of classes at least 2-3 times a week and here I am, teaching beginners, intermediates and stretch classes at Kelly Amelia fitness studios, as well as being qualified to teach aerial silks!

So stay tuned for more pole dancing adventures, including top tips, pole studios around the world and my personal pole journey!