Progress pictures! 

Progress pictures! 
Hi all! Thanks for checking back in! 

Today I’m going to talk about one of my biggest pole journey regrets, there’s a few but this one is definitely the one I would go back and change if I could! 
What is it?! I hear you saying to your screens…

Well it’s taking pictures, 📸 which doesn’t sound that bad, who needs to show off pictures of everything they achieve? (Which you 100% should by the way) 

But it’s not about that, it’s pictures that you keep yourself, to monitor your progress and journey. I’ve always taken pictures of moves which have taken me a long time to accomplish, obviously I’ve been excited and proud when I’ve achieved them so naturally I’ve asked a fellow pole friend to grab there phone and take a few snaps. Looking back it was all the hard work I should’ve been getting pictures of, all the times I was nearly there (but not quite) that way when I’m having a moment questioning my poling abilities I’d be able to remind myself how far I’ve come! 
As someone who’s been poling for 5 years, I have hit ‘the wall’ a couple of times along my pole journey. 

Now if you’re new to pole this isn’t likely to be something you’ve encountered yet, you’re still in the honeymoon period of poling, all the tricks look amazing, you aspire to be like everyone else at your studio (or online if you’re a home poler) whether they’ve been poling for years or months longer than yourself, and everything seems achievable, difficult, yes but doable. 
And then something changes, it could be you’ve moved up a level, it could just a change in your lifestyle, it could just be how you’re feeling at that time. 
Although this can happen to anyone at any time I’ve personally found it’s when you’re at an intermediate level, the moves take longer to learn and even longer to perfect, you see other people soaring past you learning new moves every session whilst your still figuring which hand goes where and begging your instructor to spot you just one more time! 

You start to repeat the same moves, the ones you like or feel most comfortable in, of course you still love pole, but that buzz just isn’t there! 
Don’t panic if your reading this thinking ‘this is me!’ 

It can and will change, I’ve been there! 
It’s in these moments those pictures would be great, you can look back and remind yourself just how far you’ve come, how much you’ve achieved, and how long it took you to accomplish those moves you now love! 
Not only this but change up your training, try a few strength classes or a different aerial sport, it will all benefit your pole journey and your personal journey in becoming a strong kick ass pole dancer!! 
If you really want to challenge yourself check out the different competitions! This is an awesome way of giving yourself a goal, something to work towards! 
For me the annual shows I have taken part in have always motivated me to get back on the pole and push through my mental pole blocks! 
Here’s the info for our Studio’s show for this year if you’re interested….

Last year I also tried out aerial silks and aerial hoop! This gave me that feeling I’d been missing and I can say that they 100% helped to build up strength I needed for other pole moves! 

So here’s my earliest pics I could find, I only wish I had more, and videos too! 

But this only means I insist on taking lots of photos and videos of the students in my classes, not only because I am super proud of them and hope they will want to show them off themselves, but because I know in 1 year or 2 years or however long they’ll look back and remember where they started! 

Comment below and share the pics from your pole journey? Can you remember the first move you photgraphed? Do you wish you’d taken more? 

Peace & Pole everyone! 🦄✌🏼

1 thought on “Progress pictures! 

  1. Hiya! Not a pole dancer, I’m a lyra/aerial hoop student. And I hear you on photos and videos. There are some practices where I’m too discouraged to bother. But I usually make myself, even if it’s a horrible video. Because I CAN look back and say, see, remember when it was hard?! For some, I’m not even an after photo yet. But I can see progress.

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