Twisted side hang August 17

Hey all!!So I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing with you all a move of the month! This will be a move that I really like and will be teaching in my classes throughout that month. 

I will break it down so there will be something for every level to work on! 

This month I have decided to go with this one….

I’m not actually sure of the name, I’m going to call it twisted side hang.

If you know it by something else please comment below and let me know 🙂 

To achieve this move you will need to be able to invert, outside leg hang, and genie. 

Before attempting any new moves you should always use a safety/crash mat and have a spotter! 
So first thing you need to be able to do is a Gemini (outside leg hang) 
Taking your inside hand around the pole and holding at head height, and your outside hand just above head height. Engage your shoulders and abs and lift your hips up the pole, as you do this hook the outside leg over the pole aiming to get the pole directly into the back of the knee. 

See video below for a Gemini

Outside leg hang
Once you have a solid Gemini, your next move is Genie. 

Taking inside hand down the pole and pushing your body up, then your outside hand (for me my right hand. My stronger hand) above the hooked knee pull the chest up and drop the opposite leg down the pole bringing it around onto the same side as the hooked leg. Bend the knee and push your bum back to get the pole into the back of the knee. Once your legs are in position bring both hands to the pole between your knees. Da-dah! Genie!!

Once you feel comfortable with the genie position you’re ready to try the twisted side hang!! 

From the genie position take the top hand into a thumb up hold, you then need to be able to take the bottom hand off the pole and feed it behind the back of the bottom leg until you can reach the pole in a thumb up grip. 

You should feel quite secure here. Once you’ve mastered the hand positioning it’s time to slowly release the top and bottom leg, as you do you need to rotate your hips so that you can hook the bottom leg over the top arm. To make the move look pretty point your toes away from the pole!  
Video of – Twisted side hang

To come out of the move hook the top leg back onto the pole, then the bottom leg so you are back into a genie position. Bring the bottoms hand back round and up the pole. Take the other hand up the pole and take your weight into your hand before dismounting from the pole. 
Don’t panic once you are in the move, if you don’t feel like you can hold it or get your legs back onto the pole, you can release with the outside hand and your legs will just drop down to the floor, as long as you haven’t tried this to high up the pole! 
Don’t forget if you want to try out the hand and leg positioning first you can always try moves from the floor, this is a great way to safely test out a move before heading up the pole 😊
Hope you all enjoy trying out this move, if you have any questions please comment below! 

Peace & Pole everyone ✌🏼🦄

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